Knowledge Quest

Online academic competition for 3rd-12th grade NACS students!

Your students can participate in an online-based academic competition against other schools from around the nation and they don’t have to leave your campus.

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Tests available:

All tests have a maximum 90 minute time limit

Grades 3-6:

Grades 7-8:

Grades 9 -12:

Click here to see a list of the content for various subjects.

Click here to see how many questions are on each test.


$7 – 3-6 grade, per student, per test

$8 – 7-8 grade, per student, per test

$9 – 9-12 grade, per student, per test

Registration Window:

TBD for 2025

Click here to register your school for the first time and order tests (even if you participated in the past, it is your first time registering this year)

Click here to login and order additional tests after the first order and school registration.

Testing Window:

TBD for 2025

Testing may be completed any day or time during the window. Once a student begins a test, it must be completed within the 90 minute time limit same day. Testing will close at 5:00 pm EDT on the final day.

System requirements:


How many students can be entered to take each grade/test? As many as you wish to enter

Can a student be entered to take more than one test? Yes, students can be entered in as many tests that are available to his/her grade level.

What type content is on each test? Click here for a general description of content.

How many questions are on each test? Click here for a breakdown of approximate numbers of questions.

How long do students have to complete a test? 90 minutes

Can students take tests at home? No, all tests must be taken at school under supervision.

Can tests be taken any day/time during the testing window? Yes, as long as there is a proctor present.

Can a test be paused and restarted at another time? No, the test must be completed within 90 minutes of start.

If a student does not take a test, can I get a refund? No, all tests ordered are non-refundable.