The National Alliance of Christian Schools (NACS) Kingdom Educator Certification is a program that provides Christian schools with the benefit of encouraging continuing educational and spiritual accomplishments, providing feedback towards reaching excellence, and providing independent confirmation of standards. The program is unique in that it requires not only educational excellence, but also distinctively Christian philosophical elements necessary for a quality Kingdom education. It is not an attempt to standardize, license, regulate, or control any school or individual, nor is it meant to be a substitute for any state Department of Education.

KEC is available to any administrator, faculty or staff personnel employed at NACS Member School or Accredited Member School. As well, Christian educators who are employed at non-member schools or seeking employment at a NACS school may apply for Individual Membership along with their certification application.

The KEC program provides a valid educational credential that verifies undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degrees earned, the total number of educational and administrative courses completed, any specific areas of concentrated, subject area studies taken, and overall educational experiences.