Testing Partners

NACS has developed partnerships with the following organizations/companies to provide quality products and services to our member schools as discounted pricing. Each partner is fully vetted and we fully endorse and recommend the products/services these companies provide.

Premier A+ Partner

NACS has established a pilot testing program with BJU Press for The Iowa Assessments standardized tests.

Here are some benefits of participating in the pilot program:

  1. Schools in the program will be associated with other NACS participating schools for test reporting.
  2. Participation in the pilot program will help provide local NACS-norm comparison, which you will receive to compare each student to other individuals in NACS (in addition to national norms).
  3. The program will give NACS a collective review of how member schools are performing, helping to set benchmarks for our schools.
  4. This opportunity will provide reporting tools for schools seeking NACS accreditation.
  5. The collaborative reporting of NACS schools will provide potential legislative influence.
  6. Discounted pricing on materials and reporting.

By joining the program, you would be sharing student results with NACS to help BJU Press compile a group report for all schools in the pilot program. NACS would not share individual student data but may share overall findings to help show the strength of our schools.

A NACS partnership with ACSI allows us to come alongside you to serve your school through student assessment.  Within the ACSI Student Assessment Program, you can have access to a variety of assessment products such as The Iowa Assessments, ACT Aspire®, or the NWEA® MAP® Suitewith training and support from ACSI to administer testing well, then use your school’s data to improve student learning.  ACSI also provides Christian school comparison scores in addition to national comparisons. 

The ACSI student assessment team would be happy to provide your school with free consultation. Make sure you tell them you are a NACS member school.

How do YOU evaluate spiritual formation among your students? NACS member schools can purchase this great assessments from Wheaton Press at discounted pricing. Contact wheatonpress@gmail.com