Kingdom Education Summit

July 7-9, 2021

Word of God Academy,

Shreveport, LA

In 2003, Dr. Glen Schultz and Dr. Ed Gamble, former NACS/SBACS Executive Director, started the Building a Kingdom School Institute in Nashville, TN. It later moved to Plano, TX and re-branded as Kingdom School Institute. This summer it will be moved to Shreveport, LA and will be called the Kingdom Education Summit.

The Kingdom School Institute is a very unique training program that assists you and your school in adopting a strategic, intentional and holistic plan that directly impacts the culture of your community. We are committed to a training paradigm and educational model that prepares our students to enter the world thinking Christianly (2 Cor. 10:5), reasoning with other worldviews (Acts 17), persuading others to follow Christ (Acts 17), and thinking, writing and speaking critically and intelligently.

This is not just another Christian school conference. The Kingdom Education Summit features a distinct and specific focus: training Christian school leaders in how to build a Kingdom school based on the biblical philosophy of “Kingdom Education.” We equip Christian school leaders with a biblical philosophy of education, and assist them in developing a comprehensive, intentional plan to drive this philosophy into key influences of their school culture.

Delegates attending KES will leave secure with the knowledge that the key to building a Kingdom School rests in developing an intentional plan that includes:

• Commitment to the Kingdom Education philosophy of education in all areas of the school
• Defining a Kingdom-focused culture
• Intentionally promoting a Kingdom-focused culture

Registration Info to Come!

NACS Grant Opportunity!

NACS wants your school to be more effective for the Kingdom so we have provided a grant for NACS member schools to help send their leaders to the Kingdom Education Summit (KES). How do you get financial help for your school? Your school can receive up to $800 to help your leaders attend KES this summer. Use the funds for registration, lodging and/or travel expenses for your leaders to attend. 

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