Outstanding Scholars Award Program

Each fall, Christian school seniors are nominated by their Guidance Counselor to compete for the Outstanding Scholars Award Program. Nominees must then complete an application process to compete for the scholarships. Applicants who meet the eligibility requirements and submit complete application packets become semifinalists. In the Spring, a panel of judges chooses the winners in each of the two categories. Seniors must meet all of the criteria listed below in order to compete for the scholarship:

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, and five (5) Finalist awards all earn cash scholarships that are delivered via check directly to the college/university of choice in the fall.

Important Links:

Click here if you are a STUDENT NOMINEE and need resume, essay, application information and the link for the Scholar Application Form

Click here if you are a GUIDANCE COUNSELOR and need to upload transcripts, your school profile, and/or teacher recommendation letters for your student nominees. (You must use the password provided in the e-mail to gain access to this page)

Click here if you are a school GUIDANCE COUNSELOR and would like to nominate students for the Scholars Award Program. You will need students’ e-mail addresses, current unweighted GPA, and college entrance exam scores to complete the form. (Form is closed for the 2021 program)