Virtual Academy

Students log in to a secure, virtual classroom on the web where they engage with media rich content, interactive lesson pages, and qualified teachers.

Each course uses proven learning methods that engage students in lessons, practice exercises and assessments to provide them with the opportunity for subject matter mastery.

Students work through courses at a custom pace.  Each student is assigned a Christian teacher, who will answer questions and grade submitted assignments.

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TOP 10 Reasons to Choose NACS Virtual Academy & Sevenstar

  1. Has a Christian mission with Christian teachers, material, and Biblical worldview integration and promotes spiritual growth
  2. School is Regionally Accredited by North Central and Advanced Ed*
  3. Courses are recognized by the NCAA
  4. Offers College Board approved AP Courses
  5. Courses are based on national standards-teachers are certified, trained and evaluated for appropriate class placement
  6. Most courses require no additional materials
  7. Courses include multi-media, use enriching websites, use online discussions, require critical thinking, and use oral assessments
  8. Students set their pace and are held accountable but pacing can be adjusted to meet individual needs
  9. Schools are kept informed
  10. Quick enrollment-new students can start every Monday!

*Our partner, Sevenstar Academy, is regionally accredited by both North Central and AdvancEd. Contact us today for more information: or click below.