Guidance Counselor Roundtable

February 1-2, 2021

FREE to Guidance Counselors at NACS Member Schools

$49 for all others

Ask Yourself…

  1. Does your college placement process effectively engage parents and students?
  2. Are you aggressively marketing your school’s seniors to colleges and universities?
  3. Are you proud to tell prospective parents what college or universities your graduates are attending post high school?

If you answered “No” or “I think so” to any of the questions above then you will not want to miss out on this year’s College Placement Roundtable.

Each year, the National Alliance of Christian Schools (NACS) hosts a roundtable that is designed for Christian school Guidance Counselors, upper school leaders, and heads. This two day roundtable is led by Dr. Ron Moss (Prestonwood Christian, Plano, TX) and Mrs. Melody Shiver (Cambridge Christian, Tampa, FL) and is sure to give your school’s Guidance Counselor new ideas on how to increase the effectiveness of your college placement program. If your school includes upper school students or is adding upper grades, this roundtable is a must to attend. Participants will leave with several department-changing ideas to dramatically improve your school’s college placement success and student scholarship awards.

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